Set Loose With A Camcorder  2001 Zowie Myerson
what's up in this corner

Full Name: Ethan Labrie Bardrick
Age: 23
Residence: His mom's house

His Deal: Ethan's... well, a typical guy. Immature at times and surreptitiously horny, Ethan spends most of his time being scared to death of Talori and the rest being afraid of his fiancee Mikeilla.

Ethan is scared...

Greg is super cool...

Full Name: Gregory James Tenorio
Age: 26
Residence: His apartment in the city

His Deal: Greg's a secondary character, mostly just appearing in a car and whisking his girlfriend (Laura) away. His personality is somewhat mysterious and in addition to being a classmate of the group, he's fairly good at math.

Full Name: Laura Evalinn Cabrera
Age: 18
Residence: Phi Delta Dorm

Her Deal: Mild-mannered and notorious for stealing all the boys. Generally Laura doesn't do this, but there have been times...

Laura is skeptical...

Manda is homely...

Full Name: Amanda Lynn Bardrick
Age: 23
Residence: Her mother's house

Her Deal: Manda spends most of her time working to help her mother pay the bills. Since her older twin Ethan is in school and not working, she's in charge of the family while her mother tries to pay off bills.

Full Name: Mikeilla (who the fuck cares?)
Age: Somewhere between 14 and 20
Residence: Her mother's house

Her Deal: Ethan's nasty fiancee. Hell, he's only marrying her for the baby.

Mikeilla is nasty...

Roxy is startled...

Full Name: Roxanne Elaine Kruize
Age: 26
Residence: Phi Delta Dorm

Her Deal: Roxy's the "mom" of the dorm---she's almost always cleaning something or cooking or even trying to help the others with schoolwork. We don't know why, but she's just got that maternal instinct. (No kids, even.)

Full Name: Talori Ryan (she refuses to tell her middle name)
Age: 25
Residence: Phi Delta Dorm

Her Deal: Angry. Pissed-off. Enraged. That's Talori. Recently she was in the hospital for crashing a motorcycle on a test run and her left side is covered in bandages.

Talori is angry...

Zowie is dying... for coffee

Full Name: Zowie May Myerson
Age: 19
Residence: Phi Delta Dorm

Her Deal: Aspiring comic artist. Dying of need for coffee most of the time.

Full Name: Matsuda Tsuki
Age: 19
Residence: Phi Delta Dorm

Her Deal: Up and coming character...

Tsuki is enthuasiastic...

Chimandera is just plain weird.

Full Name: Chimandera ild Nza
Age: 16
Residence: Domiigali, on the Black Coast

Her Deal: The writer's alter-ego.

Other characters:

Bordello Lady (explanation will come in time)
Shelley (freaky ho)
Anonymus Ho 1, 2, & 3 (see Bordello Lady)
Zowie's Mom (scariness beyond Ruby Eyes)

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