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Zowie's Links:

The Land of Irreparable Damage --- Manda's site. Features... well, nothing other than a couple of RPGs.
god COMPLEX studios --- Under renovations, but our sister site and host of Lolicon Productions.
Megatokyo --- My inspiration, a fellow webcomic with a longstanding (and great) reputation.
Rotten dot com --- Only for the strong-hearted...
Sinfest --- The origin of the pimp ninja. I threw my own turn on it...
Karaoke --- An excellent comic.
Pint-Sized Fantasy --- KAWAII~!! They're so cute!!
Shinkutokimekisempukaku --- Take a deep breath and join the crew. Features include the Kool-Aid Man (heh heh) and some funky coffee skits.
Space Bimbo --- That's it, I'm not writing any more of these descriptions. MANDA!

Road Waffles --- Haley's on the run from her boyfriend, just because she stole his Oasis CD. *snicker*
Life's So Rad --- Hmmm... this one explains itself.
Squadron 509 --- Soda stalkers and scary bombs!
Tang's Comics --- Tang Ho is so cool. Just so cool.
Warp Factor 10 --- Umm...
Warp 9 To Hell --- They're going to hell for that one. Yup. On the waiting list.
Needle and Thread --- Needle and Thread aren't pretty, but man do they make up for it!
Cool Cat Studio --- Aliens, water demons, and more... and it comes in English and French!
Bobbins --- England's never been more funny and lovable. And, yes, it is fun to say "big scary American girl".

Links that don't fit that we owe homage to:

Bathroom Enterprises - You know you want to know the deal behind this one. Go!

Chibi-chan - I'm not even sure what this is yet...

Roulette - Lovable, huggable, and... they'll beat you up if you don't see it.

Exploitation Now! - Oh my god, this is the Anti-Christ of webcomics!

Acid Reflux - My inspiration, and the very first webcomic that I saw.

Bikeeni 2001 - No explanation.

Techni Gaiden - For the hell of it.

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