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what's up in this corner

Talori --- A gothic spree started with this picture. Talori absolutely hates makeup and dresses. I think if she were able to burn every single dress in the world she'd do it.
Talori again --- Aww, how cute! No, wait, Talori, put down the waffle iron---it wasn't cute, don't hurt me...!
Zowie --- Zowie's goth pic.
Roxy --- Sneak peek! Roxy in the outfit... well, it has something to do with the Omega Pi dorm...
Manda --- Manda's goth pic. (hahahahah!)
Manda again --- Chibi-Manda-chan
Laura --- Laura's goth pic.
On Top of the World --- A preview of the upcoming "world tour". It's a plotline waiting to happen. Of course, it may not even start in October and it may not end in February. Heh.
Bikini Girl --- Ball included.
Miza --- Of Bathroom Enterprises. This is just a recap of one of the earlier comics... sorta.
Galerians' Rita --- Drawn in the style (the best I could copy) of RPG World.
Diane --- From RPG World, drawn in my style.
If I ever... --- ...had a character in RPG World, this would be her. Name of: Kinbenna Kaibutsu. (kinben na kaibutsu - diligent monster)
The Future --- The future holds much and this girl might be there. I know her legs are cut off, but they looked horrible.
Laren --- Laren Kaarben, swordsman extreme. Also in the future.
Roxanne --- Roxanne Cilluze, djinn and genie. Also in the future.
Manda --- Manda Glariis, elf, thief, in the future and probably someone to avoid...
Talori --- Talori Riayn, mercenary and scroll killer. Future.
Tsuki --- Tsuki Hanayome, ninja, Bride of the Moon, future.
Zowie --- Zowie Mielsin, barmaid, wench, excellent with the spiked ball and chain. Future.
Time Machine --- This wasn't such a good idea... was it?
Background 1 600x800

600x800 Background 1 --- A background taken from a manga scan of Sorcerer Hunters... that's the sorceress chick who kissed Gateau and Carrot and made them attack the others. Feel free to distribute and/or use as long as the copyright's in the pic.

Background 2 600x800

600x800 Background 2 --- Chocolate Misu. She's so cool.

Background 3 600x800

600x800 Background 3 --- Chocolate again; same pic, different wash.

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